Jay Foley Would Have Been A Catholic Priest If Not For His Wife

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Jay and Jossie Foley

Live Fm’s Radio mogul, Jay Foley apparently was on a road map to the seminary until he met his wife Jossie Foley.

Jay Foley, who we thought was almost going to marry work partner Jeremie Van Garshong, has technically explained why such relationship was only a fling, though he coyly denied the countless rumours that they had a thing.

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Jay Foley let it all out on ‘Pae Mu Ka’, a Kasapa Fm Entertainment show, disclosing that his long time girlfriend, who is now his wife, traveled to the U.K and he was denied VISA countless times to join Jossie to establish a matrimonial home.

Out of this Jay Foley lost interest and started looking elsewhere and we assumed this is how he almost found Jeremie until he had an opportunity to travel to the U.K where he visited Josie to rekindle their fairy-tale dream.

Before this, Jay the Motown boy was a Mass Server in the Catholic Church when he met Jossie for the first time. Serving Mass is often the first step boys in the Catholic Church take before opting for seminary and we believe Jossie quashed any thought of that by Jay Foley.

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Narrating it all, Jay Foley said “I was serving as a mass servant in church when I met her in 1998. One day after church service I discuss about her with a friend. My close friend introduced her to me. I never stopped attending church when I got hooked up with her. I felt proud introducing her to most of my colleagues because she is beautiful”

“She knew I loved her since 1998 through to 2002 when she finally accepted my proposal but I wasn’t lucky because we dated for only 2 years then she traveled abroad. I tried in so many ways to join her in the UK but unfortunately I was denied visas.” he added.

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Jay and Jossie got married in December 2014 and are gifted with a year-old daughter.

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