YFm Presenter Allegedly Gang Raped, Ms Ada Appears To Have Given Her Life To Christ

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Ms Ada

When Karl Marx, one of the world’s greatest Philosophers said Religion is the opium of the masses, it seems he was particularly talking about Africa/Ghana, especially looking at this development from the Takoradi YFm Ex Presenter, Adaese Oda Onyinyechi well-known as gang raped victim Ms Ada.

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Religion/Christianity is mostly a sure way for everyone to carve an untrue personality for themselves and Christians will believe them without a doubt. Provided you start mentioning the name of God and quoting the bible. GhanaCelebrities.com believes this is what Ms Ada is up to.

After plotting her own gang rape, lied to the police, her family and even God, the Nigerian has popped out in an attire with clerical collar depicting she is a Minister Of God now.

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Out of sheer deceit for such fame, Ms Ada lost her job, her friends and everything, so the only way to win this back is to come down as an Angel because “Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses”–some will say.

As at now, nobody knows yet which theological school she has been to, to qualify to wear a clerical collar if not for a movie role. We shall keenly follow her footsteps, to dig out anything possible for you to know.

All the same, we hope Ms Ada is truly a changed person, that will help us all.

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