SHS DIARIES: The New Craze On Social Media—Read Some of the Most Hilarious and Shocking Memories Shared

SHS Diaries

Day in day out, there are trends on social media but the recent one that has caught fire is the SHS Diaries.

This trend can mostly be found on Facebook and it has become like a grapevine, we don’t know the source or who started it. We have witnessed a couple of trends that were traceable. Examples are the Mannequin Challenge, Ice Bucket Challenge etc.

Mannequin Challenge was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida on October 2016 whilst Ice Bucket Challenge began with Pete Frates, a former Boston College Baseball Player who challenged his friends and celebrities to take the Ice Bucket Challenge to kick out Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

In Ghana, the situation is different in the sense that we don’t know some of the sources of our trends so the individual or groups that initiated such trends can’t be duly credited.

I have chanced on various posts on the SHS Diaries, some conforming to the trend, others also not in support of it. From my perspective I see it to be a nice initiative which brings back memories, an amalgam of exciting, funny and crazy moments.

I will use this opportunity to say kudos to the person who started this trend. This shows how we love and cherish our alma maters (SHS). .

I attended St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School and I loved it because the school taught me a lot and exposed me to new things. I even composed a song for the school titled “OLD TOM” where I highlighted on why we are one of the best in the country. Some programmes or events were unearthed due to the relevance of SHS and they are National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), Joy FM Old School Reunion, Rep Your Skul in various tertiary institutions etc.

I am glad this SHS Diaries has been trending and we must continue with it. Our neighbouring countries can tap into this initiative and we can boast of ownership. Below are some of the posts I came across on Facebook.

Flip to the next pages for some of the posts I came across on Facebook–hilarious and shocking.


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