The Magic Wand Of MakeUp: These Photos Capture the Super Power of Make-Up


Make-up is a substance or product used to enhance the appearance or fragrance of the body and they include mascara, eye shadow, shampoo, hair styling products, skin cleansers, lotions etc.

In this article, makeup will be limited to facial cosmetics even though the word is an umbrella of cosmetics.  Therefore another definition from my pocket dictionary that will be of immense help states that make-ups are cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face to alter or enhance the appearance.

Makeup is now on the ascendancy, the youth and even the elderly in our society have embraced it so it has become the order of the day. It is very rare to see ladies without makeup nowadays and this clearly shows it has been accepted wholly by the majority of ladies.

It has become a norm on campuses, churches and even at the workplace. When you go for social gatherings such as weddings, parties, naming ceremony, funerals etc., you can attest to that.  The funniest part is you will overhear some ladies appreciating the makeup of other ladies, whiles some will be engaging in ridiculing.

Personally, I don’t really admire ladies who wear too much makeup, it is a turn off for me. Makeup performs magic on the faces of ladies, in the sense that it temporarily hides pimples or spots on the face, beautifies the face and even makes the ladies look different.

For some ladies, you will have to look closely before you can make them out after the application of makeup. Majority of men are attracted to the magic wand of makeup and not the true face behind the makeup. I have observed critically that in the evenings, light and makeup attract, therefore making the ladies look more beautiful, hence, men going after them. In a nutshell, the fundamental cardinal merit of make-up is to beautify the face but the magic vanishes when the substances are washed off.

Due to the ascendancy in the use of makeup, it has created jobs for some ladies who are unemployed. Looking at this from the perspective of job creation, I will embrace it because there are no jobs in Ghana so being able to think of such initiative and making money from it is a plus.

Some ladies’ makeup themselves, others also see professional makeup artists for assistance. We have seen some makeup gone wrong at events and this clearly shows they didn’t seek assistance from a professional.

To conclude, make up has a magic wand and performs outstanding and impeccable magic on the faces of many ladies.

Below photos capture the magic of make-up—flip to the next pages for the photos…


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