CharterHouse Relieves George Quaye Of Spokesperson Duties

George Quaye

CharterHouse, organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, has stripped communications director George Quaye of all duties in relations to being a spokesperson for the VGMA board.

At a press conference held in the capital Friday, Quaye was relieved of his duties as a spokesperson for the VGMA board, which chooses nominees and winners of the awards.

In his stead – Mark Okraku Mantey and Nii Ayitey Hammond would act as spokespersons for the board.

George, though, would retain his position as Communications Director for the company.

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The vocal Quaye got into trouble after claiming gospel artists pay bribes to try and win at the awards scheme.

It generated a furore which led to several gospel stars threatening to boycott the awards, even in the face of an apology from Quaye.

Okraku Mantey even came out to claim Quaye does not speak for the award scheme, although evidently, he did until today.

CharterHouse also dissociated the Board from the comments passed by Okraku Mantey, releasing this statement…

We first of all wish to categorically state that statements made by Mr. George Quaye which made the media rounds over the past week are not statements made by the board. He was not authorized by the board nor acting as spokesperson of the board when he made those statements but rather he made those statements in his personal capacity as a TV show host.

The board therefore disassociates itself from those statements.

Regarding the content of what he said which makes referral to this scheme, the board cannot verify the statement he made so to as, they are untenable therefore as far as the world is concerned, there is no bribery issue from the Gospel music community or any other persons for that matter..”


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