Counselor Lutterodt Should Change His Dealer, He Is On The Wrong Stuff — Lydia Forson

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Ghanaian feminists by now are looking forward to crucify Counselor Lutherodt for his recent unsavoury utterances about the marital life of Nana Aba Anamoah, Joselyn Dumas and particularly Victoria Lebene Mekpah (girlfriend of Kofi Adjorlolo)

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It no surprise to expect someone like Lydia Forson to lead the feminist gang to call for the head of Counselor Lutterodt. Lydia, once infamously held the neck of Archbishop Duncan Williams and dragged Manasseh Azure by his nose on similar feminist issues like this, so her uninvited opinion on this  matters shouldn’t surprise you.

Amanda Jissih lighting the matchstick in the no flame zone, on GhOne Tv, asked Lydia Forson what she would have done, should Counselor have mentioned her name too.  She replied “for me you don’t come for me, I am minding my own business till you come for me. If you come for me, you gonna have a problem”

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Speaking further, the Keteke lead Actress insinuated that Counselor Lutterodt needs some cooling off around his skull, incase any substance is causing him any sort of heat up there.

“Counselor says a lot of things, some make sense others are just like he’s been smoking the wrong thing. I have no idea, he needs to talk to his dealer maybe they’ve been giving him the wrong stuff” she said.

Lydia also revealed that her father is a Counselor and a Reverend too and she sees him counsel people everyday without having to bully people to make a point. “You can make a point without making someone feel like cr*p” she told Amanda.

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Ms Forson won’t entirely blame Counselor Lutterodt as she stated that “attention is a drug that when we get hooked to it, it becomes extremely dangerous”. Suggesting that Counselor Lutterodt is an attention seeker, who his supporters or fans might only be misleading him to make mockery of himself.

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