A Country That Cannot Find Money To Fight Cholera Or Malaria Can Find Ghc 20m For A ‘Birthday Party’ – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes On Ghana @ 60


The announcement by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that in order not to burden the country, costs for the Ghana @ 60 celebrations would not exceed Ghc 20m has been roundly condemned by Ghanaians on social media and via other mediums.

The attached announcement that the money would be raised from corporate Ghana has not been received any better, with people wondering, rightly, what these companies would be getting in return for pumping their money into our celebrations.

Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, has thrown his two cents into the debate, authoring a stinging piece clearly elucidating the stupidity and crass indifference towards the suffering of the Ghanaian embedded in this decision.

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For instance, Ghana as a nation loses people to the menace of Cholera every single year in this 21st century world, and this is mainly due to poor sanitation and lack of proper facilities. But our government can ignore such a situation and decide on spending money on a celebration nobody needs.

The same goes for treating malaria, providing the citizenry with clean drinking water, and many other issues – yet we ignore all these and spend Ghc 20m on Ghana @ 60.

Chris-Vincent argues, the politicians, who send all their children to school outside the country whilst the commoners suffer, clearly do not have our best interest at heart.

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Read his piece below…

Each year, Ghana records about 3.5 million cases of malaria and according to WHO, each year, about 200,000 children from Ghana alone die because of Malaria.

200,000 children each year–this can be your own child or that of your friend.

One of the easiest ways to fight Malaria is the “reduction of taxes and tariffs for mosquito nets and other commodities such as insecticides and antimalarial drugs” but the government cannot do it–because it says, we are broke and it needs to put up these taxes to raise money.

But there’s a father Christmas in Ghana, called corporate Ghana ready to give out 20 million cedis so we can throw a birthday party.

We took the money knowing the above, and we are going to throw the party.

And we call ourselves human beings.

Now, in this same Ghana, “five million people do not have access to any toilet facilities, and 20 million do not have access to basic improved sanitation. Poor sanitation is costing the country over US$290million yearly, while open defecation is costing a whopping US$79million.”

Yet, we have 20 million cedis and we say, it’s better to use it through a party.

Once again, we have leaders who say they have the nation at heart, they have our 200,000 children dying each year at heart.

When it comes to common water, over 3 million people in Ghana lack access to an improved water source.

This is a country that people die each year from a Victorian ‘disease’-Cholera.

In 2014, over 67 people died from cholera in just 2 months in Ghana and if you don’t know, this is a bacteria infection which was eradicated from England over 100 years ago.

Yet, we can’t get rid of it but we know how to throw parties.

Let me tell you something, I went to school with several children of Ghanaian politicians, and I know several children of politicians ranging from MPS to Ambassadors, all schooling in the United Kingdom.

Sit down and let the old take you for a fool–their children’s future is safe.

From the top businessmen, Despite and co, to the Politicians, Rawlings and co, their children school outside.

Think: you think they really care?

Even the elite socialist journalist–Kwesi Pratt had his kids attend University outside.

Where are your kids going to go to have their education and when malaria befalls the country, it’s your kids who will die–so keep defending their “senseless” political spending because of PARTY A or PARTY B.

If you can’t do anything for yourself, at least do something for the future generation–your own children.


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