Nana Addo’s Delay To Move To Flagstaff House Is Distorting Livelihood in Nima

Nana Addo Residence Road Block

Residents and workers at Nima Junction, around Nana Addo’s private residence are facing unfavorable conditions going about their daily activities.

From when Nana Addo was declared winner of the 2016 elections, the road in front of his house that alternatively cuts into Nima and homes of people living around has been blocked from motor usage for security reasons.

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The road is also the major link to Maxlot Hotel, Alikito Bar & Restaurant and into the Meridian House Building on ring road that houses Starr Fm, Starr Assurance, Brussels Airlines among other businesses. Therefore for workers in the Meridian House to access their offices, the only alternative route forces them to drive so long from Nima Police Station to and through Nima, only for almost a 360 degrees turn, to come show up at the other end of Nana Addo’s house, where they have entrance to their working premises.

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Neglecting the fuel consumption, what compounds the distress is the two schools in the neighborhood which litters the road with school kids competing with cars for the lean road, a scene which Morning Starr host, Nii Addey Clegg describes as chaotic.

Nii Addey vehemently called for Government to resolve the situation soon but also asks, if people are allowed to pass in front of Nana Addo’s house by foot why can’t cars either?

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However, Wilberforce Asare, who is Starr Fm’s flagstaff house corespondent, told Nii Addey Clegg that Nana Addo is waiting for the residential suite in the flagstaff house to be renovated before he moves in and that might take some time.


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