Mortuary Man Seizes Corpse At Cemetery And Prevents Burial Over Ghc 40 Debt

A mortuary man in Tema showed off his thug skills on Saturday when he seized a body about to be buried because the family owed him Ghc 40, shocking everyone at the burial site.

The incident occurred at the Tema Community 9 cemetery where the grieving family where just getting ready to bury their deceased relative.

The mortuary man, who works with the Tema General Hospital and is well known in the area, was accompanied by a colleague as they stormed the grounds, took the dressed body from the coffin and started walking away with it.

Apparently, the family had not paid him his full fee and whilst he was working on another body, they came in and took away the body without his knowledge.

So the incensed undertaker went to take the body back, probably thinking that he would never get his money if the burial occurs.

According to reports, he was finally calmed down and the body was retrieved for the burial to occur.

What a crazy world!


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