Man Collapses After Hearing His Pregnant Wife Had Been Banged By A Pastor…On Valentine’s Day!

The Central Regional town of Assin-Kwaata had some magnificent drama to chew upon on Vals day as news broke of a love triangle involving a man, his pregnant wife and a pastor.

The man, identified as Kwaw Adu Korli, reportedly fainted upon hearing the news of his wife being enjoyed by a pastor in the area.

According to Adom News, the woman decided to confess what happened to her husband because she loved him and she believed it was not her fault – she claims the pastor took advantage of her.

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Narrating the incident, which occurred on Valentine’s day, the woman (name witheld) said the pastor – Prophet Elijah Adjei of the Flourish Word Ministry, asked her to come for some ‘spiritual guidance’.

At the pastor’s house, he gave her a concoction to bath to drive away evil spirits so she could deliver safely.

She narrated the incident of how she took her bath at the pastor’s house, and how he started fondling her and before she realised, they had done it.

That was when she rushed home to the husband who collapsed on hearing the news.

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According to the report, the man has vowed to report the pastor to police for rape, although he has forgiven his wife.

The pastor, for his part, claims the story is a fabrication as he never slept with the woman.

“I was only exorcising her because I was told by God that she had slept with two other men aside her husband. I wanted to even invite her husband as well but I wanted to save her marriage. I never slept with her” he emphatically told Adom.

Listen to the lady below…

Pregnant lady banged by pastor


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