Nadia Buari Posted A Photo of A Man She ‘Claims’ to Be Her Love Without His Face Again–And Her Fans Are Upset

Nadia Buari

It seems absurd to be posting things on social media and yet try to keep these same things a secret.

Nadia Buari can best be-be described as confused when it comes to her social media activities–she wants to post photos and at the same time, wants to keep those in the photos private.

She constantly posts photos of her twins–by going every extent to hide their faces whenever she does these postings.

Similarly, she occasionally posts a photo of a man, which we believe is the father of her twins–and she hides his face too.

On Valentine Day, Nadia Buari posted yet another photo of this same man without his face–and some fans didn’t see the sense in posting faceless photos.

Divachix18 commented: “Who is her husband I’ve never seen his face.”

And Queen_lyrah also asked: “Can we see his face?”.

Achujulietis has a lot to say–she said: “it a woman n woman or what, but if she wants to hide soo much y even post them from side views…just dont post them at all… @” Her comment follows other comments that were saying Nadia Buari is a lesbian.

Graciousville also had this to say: “When ae we seeing their faces? (father &twins)gud luking.”


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