10 Fascinating Characters You’ll Find in Every Church–Number 5 May Be You!

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File Image: Courtesy of Google Images

Each church is full of different characters–and it being a house of God does not really do anything to some of the most annoying and pathetic human characters.

Of course, it’s the same people you meet on the street who converge at our churches, burdened with a high expectation to suddenly act different or become what they are not.

For this post, we’ve put together 10 fascinating characters you will find in every church–and number 5 may just be you.

1. The MBAs (Me ba ha akyÉ›)
They have been there since the day the church started as a small fellowship. They always remind you that they saw you when you came as a new member. Though they know everyone’s history in church, they can’t cast out a demon… not even a half demon!