Bisa Kdei’s Management In Close Door Meeting Over Alleged Sex Tape

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Bisa Kdei published a video of Kumawood Actress  Gloria Kani alleging that she has evidence of Bisa Kdei’s sexual escapade in Belgium with a fiancée of a fellow Ghanaian musician and she can only keep it a secret if the High Life Artist buys her a Range Rover.

The information has well gotten to Bisa Kdei’s management and they are taking necessary measures to come clear on the allegations.

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Jay Foley who is Bisa’s Business Manager spoke to Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm and indicated that though the team has not yet said anything publicly about the alleged scandal, it doesn’t mean they are not concerned. He explained the Bisa Kdei Management team is having private consultations to be very satisfied with their next line of action.

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However, Jay Foley agreed he was in Belgium with Bisa Kdei but they only stayed there a little over a day for a show which makes such allegations bizarre.

Jay Foley also lamented that Bisa Kdei had a very successful tour but the media is ignoring that for a negative news and dared whoever is making the claims to provide evidence or face consequences of their private meeting which could likely be a lawsuit.

Otherwise, Jay Foley says upon watching the video, he realizes the person mentioned *Jay Fori* and he is “Jay Foley” so the allegations could probably be referring to somebody else.

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