CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Tonto Dikeh Says Her Husband Gave Her Multiple STDs, Turned Her into A Punching Bag, Constantly Lied to Her & MORE—And I Say She Deserves It All

Tonto Dikeh and Husband

Tonto Dikeh’s marriage which somewhat became an inspiration for many women on social media has crashed in less than two years–and I am super excited about this. Because, it once again confirms the adage, not all that glitters is gold–and it may also compel should of those credulous social media human emulators to understand that, these so called celebrities are serving them with lies–and flaunting deceit.

Beyond the above, I also think Tonto Dikeh deserves every hell she ‘enjoyed’ in that marriage–reasonably, she knew what she was getting herself into.

Tonto and the media paraded Oladunni Obasanjo Churchill, Tonto’s estranged husband as one of Former Nigerian President-Olusegun Obasanjo‘s children. I am told this is a lie, perhaps, one of the many lies Tonto Dikeh bought into and influenced her decision to marry the man.

The truth is, a man does not suddenly wake up from bed to become a liar, a cheat, a wife beater–after marriage. Anyone who is any of these

Tonto Dikeh

Anyone who is any of these things would have shown you at least some signs that he’s this or that even during the “chocolate dating” season. But most women of Tonto Dikeh status focus on the enviable conversations that would surround their affair, should they get married to a man of riches or belonging to a political class, even if he is a damn beater.

And when you make a conscious choice, when you have all the facts right in front of you–you should deserve and be responsible for the outcome.

Tonto Dikeh has today said that her husband gave her countless STDs–and that her marriage was completely based on “gross lies, deceit, scam and many more darkness.”blank

Tonto was told what she wanted to hear–either lies or not, that’s what she wanted to hear and she was served with it.

“Nobody knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I know in marriage. If laughter is all they have then the karma that bites me awaits them all. Thank for your love. Yes no marriage is perfect but mine was based on gross lies deceit, scam and many more darkness. I loved the man no one begged me to, I take all the blame,” Tonto wrote.

Tonto Dikeh


Dikeh is playing the role of an innocent and abused woman but the narrative should also capture the fact that, this same Tonto Dikeh is a pain in the butt, in fact, a child abuser.

Not long ago, Tonto Dikeh called the child of Mercy Johnson a WITCH–yes she did.

Earlier this year, Tonto Dikeh apologised to Mercy Johnson on Instagram for calling her daughter a witch back in 2013.

Tonto Dikeh wrote: “Good morning world Since I have your undivided attention I better make good use of it and not miss the blessing in this lesson!!! @mercyjohnsonokojie Ever since I had my baby I have been reminded constantly about an ill statement I made about one of your kids a very long time ago.I want to use this media to say I am so sorry, I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart.I had no right to say what I did, I totally disgraced myself with that.

“As a mom I do realise a lot of things I take in because of the love of my son and I know you only took my insult because of that same love..

“I am sorry MJ,I am sorry to your lil’ girl or boy.. We don’t have to love each other to realize when we are/went wrong•• I have/had no excuse for my behaviour and I also apologize to the fans I hurt/Let down with my words that day many years ago ..To Err is human but to forgive is divine!!! Am not trying to be the better person, manneredwordsYou deserve this apology for your Child for the Love I have for God..I found God and everything in my life changed, ill manneredLet me tell you about him sometime.. God bless you and yours!!! Happy new year…

Take your time with the promannered words to your infant but pls eventually do!! #2017 Amending All my Wrongs #2017 my year of positivity #Long overdue apology.”

Mercy Johnson and family

I am glad the child-witch was able to bewitch her marriage–such that, the fallen apart of things in her home motivated her to apologize for an unpardonable abuse of a child and her own colleague.

No woman should become a punching bag in any marriage but if women step into boxing ring sort of relationships and proceed to marry partners who are abusive because of money, prestige or whatever nonsense deceit they bought into, then they willingly entered into such marriages–so they shouldn’t expect us to fully understand their pain.

How do you stay with a man after one or two STDs? How do you continue to be married to a man after first and second beatings–and then come to tell us, your husband gave you multiple STDs and kept beating the hell out of you?

Something must have kept you there and it’s not love–probably, pure stupidity or the desire to keeping up with the Jones, to keep lying to others that everything is great with your marriage, thereby making them buy into your deceit too–the same thing you didn’t like being served.

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill showing off her ring

Ask yourself this: why always the celebrities? Did we not recently hear of the Tiwa Savage marriage abuse?

The answer is this: these celebrities are super shallow–instead of looking for a man who loves them irrespective of his bank balance or societal status, they go looking for lunatics with money, men who have no respect for women and those bearing “famous” names.

Now when it all comes crashing, they start crying on social media as if they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

What happened to caveat emptor–buyer beware?

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I am not by any means justifying abuse–all that I am saying is, if you make your own choice by ignoring the signs because of whatever other insane reason, then you somewhat deserve the outcome. We cannot make the choice for you– so pay attention to the signs, not the stories or the bank account.

The women of our generation are moved by something else: money, lies and fame–and they seem to be getting these in their thick doses.blank


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