Femininity is Not Inferiority–And Masculinity is Not a Synonym of Superiority

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You are born either male or female not by choice. Like one’s skin color, one does not choose their gender. If one’s gender is not by their preference, thus, it does not make sense to look down on another because you think their sex makes them think lesser.

Our men must know that masculinity is not a synonym of superiority. And… someone must kindly whisper into the ears of our women that they having breasts doesn’t make them any inferior!

You are not the tail because you are feminine and another is not a head because they are men. Just because you menstruate doesn’t mean you don’t matter. Just because you have a womb to carry another being doesn’t make you any less human. Your sex does not in any way have any correspondence with your worth. Our women, especially the young ones, should know that femininity is not inferiority!

The first woman was woven out of man. Thereafter, all men and women alike, have had to pass through a woman to see life. If women are inferior versions of men, then men should have been quite more inferior versions of women because they came through them after all.

A woman, just like a man, has self-worth. She, like man, has a sense of pride. She has power on the inside. Her body has been made to play roles no other person but a woman can play. That’s how unique her womanhood is.

Is the woman like a man? It’s like asking if a pineapple is like a mango. Well. They all are fruits but have quite differently unique roles and features. The man can never be a woman and the woman… never can be a man. The man was molded to be stronger and the woman, weaker.

The man was made to honor the woman and the woman, to submit to the man. The man was made to play roles the woman couldn’t and the woman, to complement a man’s responsibilities.

What a man can’t do, the woman was made to do. What a woman’s features were not fashioned to do, the man’s was made to. The fact that the man can’t carry a baby in a womb doesn’t make him any inferior. Just because a woman was made to submit to his man similarly doesn’t make her any less human. Each sex was fashioned to function differently and uniquely.

Each sex is unique. Each gender is different. Little wonder we can’t compare both. The man can’t be a woman, try much as he can, and vice versa. Each sex was made to have strength to cover up for the other’s weakness. In other words, it is not about gender competition but… gender completion.

One sex is not superior to the other. One sex, though stronger, is not made to be a dictator over the other. One sex, though weaker, is not made to be an object of sex. One sex, though stronger, has not been fashioned to be a being of abuse. One sex, though weaker, has not been fashioned to be trampled upon. Femininity is not inferiority. Submission is not another name for stupidity.

Our men must know that a woman submitting to them doesn’t mean they have no opinions of theirs. Our men must be told that a woman has as much brain power as a man. Submission doesn’t mean absence of sense.

Our men must know that if they think women should cope with their infidelity, they should be ready to cope with their woman’s infidelity, too. After all, they have feelings, too. What is good for the goose might as well be good for the gander.

Our men must know that a woman can only raise her children well when she’s the co-head and not a tail of them, the head. A woman complements her man. She contributes her thoughtful opinions to make the home what it should be. She’s not a puppet to be pushed around by her puppeteer, the man. She’s not less of a human to be treated any less of a man. A woman is not an inferior man!

Femininity doesn’t mean relegated to the background. Femininity is not a symbol of the kitchen. Femininity doesn’t mean giving your body to get what others gave their brains for. Femininity is not a symbol of weakness, literally speaking. Your gender should not be the reason you could never climb life’s ladder. Your gender should not be the excuse why you could never live any happier.

Yes. You are feminine. However, it doesn’t make another any more superior. Your essence goes beyond procreation. You are more than just a sexual being. You can be at the top, too. You didn’t choose your gender but you’ll choose where you want to be on life’s ladder. Don’t allow your gender inhibit you.  Femininity is not inferiority.

Never think less of yourself because of your sex. Your gender is an identity not a limiting factor. Wherever others could reach, you can reach, too. Success is not gender-bias. Greatness doesn’t sieve people by their sex. You are a woman― not less human.

A woman is not equal to man― she is equal to herself. A man is not superior to a woman― he is superior to his own self, too. No gender is inferior. No gender is superior.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.


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