Energy Ministry Writes Two-Page Letter To Ghanaians Explaining The Dumsor And Its End

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In a recent time of the new NPP government, some part of Ghana has experienced an intermittent power supply and accordingly, some people have bitterly complained about the fear of the possible return of Dumsor. An energy supply canker during the infamous Mahama era that the NPP promised to fix when given the mandate.

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Good news from is that Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko has announced the end of the “intermittent power outages”, following a successful new deal the government has reached with Ivory Coast to increase its power supply to Ghana despite the US$60 million debt accrued by the country.

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In a statement signed by the Communications Officer at the Energy Ministry, King Wellington, Ghanaians are to note that “Dumsor did NOT end with the election of a new government … we will continue to face an occasional temporary setback until we have move to a more sustainable state of uninterrupted power supply”.

Read the full statement below:

Press Statement From Energy Ministry
Press Statement From Energy Ministry

Will you rate this Press Statement competent enough as a right step in solving the energy crisis or the story is the same???

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