A Hotel Opens Services For Clients To Pay GhC330 To Have S*x With Silicon Dolls

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If you think you have seen it all in the 21st century then you lied to yourself. Mind boggling things keeps unfolding and this one will certainly get you to have a second thought of where the world is heading towards and still God is not coming yet.

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A Barcelona Lumidoll Brothel has announced commencing a sex doll service where clients will pay £70 to have intimacy with dolls. The dolls are made with Silicon and the brothel boasts that sex with the dolls is more pleasurable than having a woman.

The brothel also advised customers to use condoms during intimacy with the dolls though they are disinfected each time a customer patronizes. Technically, this is just walking into a room with dimmed candlelights, musical background and blue bulbs scene with p*rn videos to enable one wank his heart without touching himself.

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The service so far has been described as the first of its kind in Europe following Japan and China having similar services available.

If you still don’t get it’s like having Kim K or Nicky with her silicon assets to yourself. The silicon s*x dolls are made so realistic that they can be positioned into any possible s*x style one wants.

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