NDC Warns NPP Not To Blame Mahama For Present Day Dumsor

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What seems like Dumsor is gradually gaining it’s infamous notoriety under the auspices of the competent Akuffo-Addo led Administration and John Jinapor, former Deputy Power Minister in the previous NDC administration cautions the NPP not to hang the blame on Ex-President Mahama’s neck.

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In Mr. Jinapor’s review, the intermittent power crisis is the result of the new administration sacking heads of institutions in the energy sector causing a vacuum of technical know-how to be filled. In an interview with Joy News, he added that the NDC is ready to help the present government fix the emerging crisis because they have the experience of battling dumsor for long.

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Mr. Jinapor speaking from the Parliament House reiterated to the Joy News correspondent that, the erstwhile Mahama government solved the Dumsor menace before the NDC handed over power on January 7, 2017.

“We bequeathed to the NPP a resilient, robust, strong energy sector. So there is no excuse, absolutely no excuse for us to go back to dumsor,” he said.

Don’t you think it’s to early to define the current power fluctuation as the monster Dumsor we know or tell us if you are actually facing dumsor??? 

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