Counselor Lutterodt Says 8 Out Of 10 Men In Ghana Do Not Want Virgins Because Virgins Are Burdens And I Share In This


Majority of men in contemporary Ghana find virgins a bore. It’s really not their fault. You attempt taking off her panties and she asks what you’re going to do with them. Like really?

Men love sex and oh yes, ladies love it even more, no doubt. And even so they like it smooth, everything happening normally no stress. Virgins will ask you so many questions you will think you’re on “Odo ho maso” being interviewed.

Nothing could be this much of a turnoff. Virgins are like first graders, you have to teach them the A’s and B’s of sex, correct their wrongs, put up with their nagging, convince them it’s not gonna hurt , swear you’ll take it slow on them and all that drama. Not to talk of stopping you just when you’re about to penetrate and asking you to convince them you really love them. If that is not a total turnoff I don’t know what else is.

To the average Ghanaian man this is too much work. Sex should be mutual with both parties actively taking part to actually enjoy the act. Counsellor Lutterodt has said a lot of absurd stuff but this is definitely not one of them. Virgins are a bore and no man wants a boring lady in the bedroom. Convincing them is a task on its own. I really pity the suicide bombers who kill for the 99 virgins reward in heaven. Like who want to hear “ouch” 99 times. Nobody! A lot of men want a freak under the sheets and virgins don’t come with that.

In the case of virgins, the work is all on the man. Sex is exploration. The missionary style is quite a cliché though it is one of the best positions that ever walked this earth. (It is my personal favourite) and men love to try out other styles apart from missionary.

Virgins will give you a hard time complaining unnecessarily generally because they are new to it all. They may even go to the extent of stopping you while you’re at one they don’t like.

As if giving you tough time during a sexual intercourse you didn’t have piece of mind to even enjoy is not enough.

They will get all emotional, talking of how shy they are of you now that you’ve seen their nakedness, how dirty they feel because their pride and dignity as a woman has been taken from them, how they think you won’t respect them anymore et cetera.

At this point you know as a man that having sex with her again is a full job on it’s own. You first have to conquer her feelings and then her mind. Will a man be willing to go through all this crap because of just sex? Something he can get from a non virgin and actually have the time of his life?


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