Lebanese Manager At Marwako Rubs Female Ghanaian Employee’s Face In Pepper

Evelyn Boakye

Outrageous news out of Marwako in La as a female employee is mercilessly assaulted by her Lebanese supervisor over a seemingly trivial issue.

The employee, Evelyn Boakye, was held down and had her face rubbed in raw, blended pepper, by Jihad Thaabn, her Lebanese supervisor who is also the brother-in-law of the restaurant’s owner.

Her crime – trying to figure out the problem with a faulty blender.

Evelyn narrated her ordeal to the Daily Graphic, saying Thaabn got furious at her when she tried unplugging the blender she was using to blend pepper because she thought it wasn’t working so well.

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She said when the supervisor saw that, he got angry and advanced on her menacingly, claiming she was trying to destroy the device.

“He suddenly poured the pepper I had blended on the table and grabbed by head and rubbed my face in it. I tried to free myself as the pepper went into my eyes and I couldn’t stand the burning sensation in my face; but he wouldn’t let me go,” she said.

Evelyn says he held her face down in the pepper and kept squeezing her neck for close to ten minutes, whilst he kept screaming abusive words at her.

Sickeningly, none of Evelyn’s co-workers came to aid – all terrified they could be fired for interfering with the restaurant owner’s brother in law.

Evelyn’s ordeal was not over though – she said after she was released and went to the bathroom to wash her face, Thaabn followed her and locked her in for six hours. Again, nobody came to her aid.

After she was finally released, she was warned not to inform the police – but after two days of suffering in pain, she finally made a report to the Tesano Police.

“I feel there is a sore in my eyes, it’s like there is sand in my eyes and I can’t watch television or light. I am in pain and I have to bear all my medical bills by myself,” she told the Daily Graphic.

In regards to the police case, Thaabn was picked up by officers and charged with assault, before being granted bail. Somewhat unbelievably, this monster might get away with his crime as none of the workers of the restaurant re willing to give a statement on the issue – possibly under coercion.

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