Is This For REAL? Ghanaian Maid Beheaded In Saudi Arabia For Letting Child Of Her Boss Fall Down Stairs

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We’ve all heard the stories, the harsh maltreatment handed out to Ghanaian women when they leave the shores of Ghana for the Gulf region to work.

It’s nothing new and the fortunate few who manage to make it out tell their gruesome stories over and over, but it seems to deter nobody as people make the journey year after year.

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But this seems to be on another level of brutality, as a video has surfaced in recent days claiming a Ghanaian nanny has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia after she let the child of her boss fall down some stairs.

The gruesome video has been uploaded to a few YouTube channels, including this one.

A number of stories have also been written about it… including here and here.

The video shows a woman being beheaded as authorities look on calmly and do nothing to intervene. Beheadings as punishments for crimes is nothing new in Saudi Arabia and infact, the government themselves uses it to punish certain wrong doers.

If indeed this woman is a Ghanaian, that’s a serious case that our authorities must look into and dialogue with the Saudis about – but that’s simply not the case.

The video is simply a rehashed one from a case from two years ago, when a Myanmar (Burma) citizen was beheaded for allegedly molesting her seven year old step child.

This article described the incident and shows exactly the same video.

So, no – a Ghanaian lady has not been beheaded in Saudi Arabia – thank goodness for that.

It’s still a gruesome murder which should be condemned nonetheless – and a stark warning for our country about what happens when religious extremists are allowed to rule a country using religious law.

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