‘…Also Appoint 1-District 1-Minister’—Asiedu Nketiah Tells President Akufo Addo

Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah

General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, popularly known as General Mosquito has said it’s an unreasonable justification for the Nana-Addo led administration to say the previous government left behind a bad economy; hence the need for a ‘bigger’ team.

In an interview with TV3, he said: “The argument that the economy is so destroyed so they need a bigger team to do the work; it doesn’t make sense (excuse my language). Are they saying that when you have a weak economy which does not have the capacity to spend on a bigger overhead, is that the time you appoint more ministers that will require a lot more money to be paying them? When you are talking about competence; are they telling us that when you have an incompetent person doing one job, you need three competent people to be doing that same job? Is that what they want to imply?”

He added: Their salaries and overheads will just make the cost of doing business more expensive…If they don’t know how to calculate value for money tell them that a ministry which is headed by one person; if it takes a decision, you can calculate the cost of that decision as supposed to a ministry which is headed by four ministers. Each of them have to be paid, housed, transported around on free fuel, land cruisers, saloon cars and all that…what is the point in not being able to recruit nurses and pay them and u rather choose to employ more ministers and pay them with the money. It comes to priority; wrong priority setting.”

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In response to NPP’s Mustapha Hamid’s statement that the NPP “never promised a lean government,” Asiedu Nketiah said: “to come and say that we didn’t promise a lean government so we are at liberty to do whatever we want, I think that it is rather rubbing pepper in the wound. It is not correct at all”

He queried: “what work will the ministers be doing themselves? Ministers are there to take decisions for people to work; so they shouldn’t let it appear as if the ministers themselves are the ones going to do the work…That argument is falsehood. Then they should proceed to appoint one district one minister so that each minister will be responsible for one district so they can finish the work quickly”.


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