Kweku Baako Jr. – Anas’ New Galamsey Expose Would Implicate Numerous NDC And NPP Big Men

Ghana’s investigative reporter extraordinaire, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has a new expose coming up and it’s set to be way more explosive than anything he’s ever done.

That’s according to Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako, the editor of the New Crusading Guide and Anas’ immediate boss.

The issue of galamsey (small scale, illegal mining), has plagued successive governments in this country, with none able to really find a solution to it.

According to Kweku Baako, that’s because a lot of the ‘big men’ in the country are themselves involved in the practice, something Anas’ upcoming expose would fully reveal.

“Members of the NDC and NPP are neck deep in this mess,” said an animated Kweku Baako.

“They manipulate the system and have their way in the galamsey business, but pretend they are fighting the menace. I’ve stopped short of mentioning names because the time we’ll name and shame people is almost up and it will be very explosive. I don’t think we care who will be mentioned or fingered, because really their bad actions are too much…”

“What sort of money at all are they looking for.?” he wondered. “I mean people in top position and those at the bottom are all part, they are destroying the environment and they don’t care. If you arrest them (especially the Chinese) today, tomorrow they are released because of their political connections.”

According to him, there is a certain notorious galamsey dealer who is a Chinese woman, who is connected to both major political parties and thus can do whatever she likes. But he said the time for those people would soon be up when Anas reveals his latest.

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“What is annoying is that right after they are released they go back to the galamsey site to continue with the illegal deeds. There is a certain Chinese woman based in Kumasi who is all over the place showing impunity, she goes about snapping pictures of some big men in Ghana and circulating them on social media to show how politically connected she is. She’s very insolent because some party gurus in the NDC were dealing with her while in power and now some NPP party gurus are also dealing with her, so for her, head or tail she’s a winner. I just don’t understand how come she’s so powerful. But sooner than latter all of this will stop.”

He added: “We should stop all these things…that’s all I’ll say, very soon Ghanaians will realize that the even Anas’ exposé on the Judges is chicken feed.”


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