Citi Fm’s Jessica Opare Saforo Writes A Letter To Tonto Dikeh–That Contradicts Tonto’s Personality

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Jessica Opare Saforo

In what can be best described as an emotional write up, Citi Fm’s Jessica Opare Saforo has commended Tonto Dikeh for saying “NO’ to an abusive marriage. We are not sure if that’s wholly true but let’s leave it at that.

Jessica in her letter to Tonto says, “You are who YOU say you are. Don’t let the world define you.” This is where we say, she does not indeed know the character she is writing to. This woman is the kind who wants the world to see her in a certain light and therefore goes to the extent of constantly lying to the world, to help create that fake personality.

How can you tell a  woman who said she actually put expensive stuffs on Instagram, claiming her husband bought them for her all the time–when he didn’t, that she should not try to prove herself to anyone? Her total existence and happiness rely on the validation of others, which she obtains through fraud.

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Anyway, read Jessica’s letter below…

Dear Tonto Dikeh, (@tontolet)

You don’t know me but I just thought to send you a message this morning. I can’t say I understand what you are going through because the truth is I have never been in your shoes. I can only imagine what it would be like to be you right now. I must admit, we have all made mistakes and wrong decisions in our lives and may still be suffering the consequences of our actions.
I’m not a fan of Nigerian movies but I can say this…’ you just won my respect’. If indeed your story of abuse is true then, you have done what many people are terrified to do by opening up the way you did. I want to say thank you on behalf of all women who are going through abuse but can’t seem to find their voice.

You have just demonstrated that it’s ok to speak up and women (or men really) no longer have to suffer in silence. Don’t worry about the people who are calling you names and accusing you of falsehoods. Neither should you worry about the self -righteous religious fanatics. Half of them wish they had the cojones to do what you did.

Don’t try to prove yourself to anyone cos the truth is people really don’t care, they are mostly just curious. This morning I woke up and had an urge to say a prayer for you and for your son. My prayer is simple. ‘ May God give you strength to continue to fight your battles, may He give you an additional day of joy whenever you shed tears and may your son be protected from all the negativity in the world and from the mouths of vipers’.

You are who YOU say you are. Don’t let the world define you. Sleep easy, knowing that you just saved souls living in anguish and in shame. You’ve given hope to women who are in abusive relationships and think there is no way out. Truth is… there ALWAYS is. We may not be there today and we know that this battle will be a long uphill one. Continue to stand up for yourself because you will inadvertently be standing up for people who are being abused.

The truth is, this post is really not about Tonto at all but is about every woman or man living in abusive marriages and relationships. You shouldn’t stay mute. Always speak UP.

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