M.anifest And Jayso Are So Not Cool As The Two Snubbed Each Other Over The Weekend

M.anifest & Jayso has received a highlight on a very silent beef that emanated from Ghana’s 2016 loudest beef between M.anifest and Sarkodie.

It is recalled that during the heat of godMC vrs Kanta, Jayso, a renowned producer who produced Sarkodie’s Bossy and equally featured on the song, threw in his voice/opinion on the beef when he released “Preach” a track pundits described as a d*ss and advice to the beefing mates.

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‘Preach’ in which Jayso called M.anifest a hateful attention seeker likely altered the good relationship between M.anifest and Jayso as it manifested over the weekend at JIVE ( An indoor musical concert M3nsa headlined).

A close source to who was present at the show squarely monitored M.anifest and Jayso and confirmed to us that the previously good friends have shown signs of a sour brotherhood relationship.


1. Jayso was seated for the show among the audience long before M.anifest came and headed to seat at a distant place from Jayso. You might think it’s just a matter of sitting arrangements and space but it’s likely calculated as the two will not even look across each other’s sight for a brotherly  wave. This is so awkward if you know Jayso & M.anifest way back before the beef. They had a good relationship that Jayso even exclusively played Sark’s Bossy to M.anifest way back in April before the song was released in July. ( A fact Jayso said in ‘Preach’ which probably got M.anifest unhappy).

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2. M.anifest got to perform during  show with M3nsa and during their performance M3nsa kept throwing ‘shout outs’  to Jayso but M.anifest will still pretend his not aware his one time friend was among the crowd. Interesting enough after M.anifest finished performing he mentioned Sammy Forson who was present too among the audience and thanked him for playing his songs on radio.

3. At least now M.anifest is aware Jayso is in the building and Jayso equally saw M.anifest perform. Later by popular demand, fans called on Jayso to perform which he did but he also never acknowledged the presence of the godMC  as expected from a brother and fellow protocols at a gathering.

4. One will think maybe after the show the two will make it to each other but that didn’t happen as our source kept a close eye on the two. Jayso silently left as M.anifest hanged around with limelight colleagues.

5. If social media relationship is anything to go by then it’s therefore surprising again that M.anifest & Jayso who have worked together a number times do not follow each other on Instagram and Twitter.

Share with us if you don’t agree there is a silent beef. 


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