Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com Tears into Afia Schwarzenegger for Her Grand Stupidity


Founding editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, has responded to the ‘lunatic of the century’ Afia Schwarzenegger after she claimed she had some damning filla about his marriage.

In his typical hard hitting style, the freshly married Chris tears completely into Afia’s infantile arguments over his marriage to his sweetheart Elsie.

Afia, in a post on social media Monday, had claimed that Chris had duped his London girlfriend, taking money from her ostensibly to help his sick mother, only to come to Ghana and wed Elsie.

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But Chris’ swift rebuttal unpacks all the leaps of logic required to believe that a public figure like Chris, who publicised his wedding to the moon and back and actually spent time with Elsie in London, would be able to keep his impending marriage secret from his phantom girlfriend who obviously has never heard of this little invention called ‘the internet.’

Read his post below…

So the lunatic of the century, Afia Schwarzenegger in an attempt to amass viewers for her new TV show on Angel TV or whatever claims, a certain girlfriend of mine in London (this girlfriend must be inherently stupid), gave me about 20,000 dollars–when I told her my mother is sick, only to fly into Ghana to use that money to marry another woman.

That’s something my 3-year-old nephew will even hear and laugh.

Afia, so you want us to start 2017 this way huh? No problem, I will be back to work mid-April–we can get it going…

Despite having publicised my relationship with my now wife, Elsie Anthony-Williams for more than a year now with photos of us together all around the web, this so called girlfriend who must be living in a cave where there’s no internet access still handed over her money to me which I used to brilliantly marry Elsie.

And what’s the name of this so-called girlfriend? Perhaps, Afia Schwarzenegger.

My wife (then girlfriend) spent 3 weeks with me in London, living in my flat and we share countless photos of us together in the UK online. I guess, this girlfriend Afia talks about had at the time travelled to Mars, in search for life out there.

It’s acceptable to be jealous and stupid, especially when I broke a story that ended your relationship with someone’s husband in 2016. But if you want to get back at me, find some good lies to tell your credulous followers.

Also, my wedding has been one of the most publicised weddings in Ghana since we got hold of the internet. From Facebook to a personal website-VincentandElsie.Com, we were everywhere on the web–and yet, this my so called girlfriend didn’t see anything because she is blind and stupid. And handed out some cash to me.

Now, it looks like Afia thinks everyone is broke, just because she is broke.

She claims further that, my wedding was a secret or something like that: if a wedding that was covered by UTV, the most watched television station in Ghana and was broadcast live on Facebook by APLUS and several others, that was covered by over 7 photographers is her definition of secret, then there’s a good case for FREE SHS in Ghana–she needs one.

Afia Schwarzenegger, I am sure you have been online looking at our wedding photos and video, unable to find a fault so you came up with such a pathetic lie.

Why don’t you say, my wife paid for the wedding–that sounds a little more reasonable because a few months ago, you said I was so broke I only live on bread.

Girl, you must be crying your head off, because I didn’t invite you and my blog was instrumental in your dismissal from Okay FM and UTV.

Have a good day Afia–for me, my wife’s legs are comfortably resting on me and Jackie Appiah just sent me an amazing wedding gift.

Afia, here goes the attention you have been seeking from me–since your relevance depends on me writing about you.


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