Lordina Mahama, Kofi Adams And Sibblings Of Mahama Blamed For NDC’s Woeful Loss

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A group calling itself Action Movement of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has named wife of Ghana’s immediate Ex-President, Lordina Mahama and the siblings of John Mahama among other party bigwigs as major figures behind the Party’s poor performance in the 2016 elections.

Kodzo Hamenya who speaks for the group did not leave out blaming John Mahama too for leading the party into defeat. He alleged that NDC’s loss was registered the moment the Former President called himself a “Dead Goat“.

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“We lost the 2016 elections because of JM, his wife, Ibrahim, Alfred and the rest of the brothers and sisters of the former President.” Mr. Hamenya stated.

In a further complain, he continued that when the Former President was advocating for Made In Ghana products by showcasing his made in Ghana shoes and others, Lordina Mahama was doing otherwise. Mr. Hamenya revealed that the Former First Lady had the contract of supplying the Party with its 20 million  T-Shirts for the campaign which she rendered to a Chinese company. According to the Spokesperson, the contract could have been given to indigenous Ghanaian companies to create jobs in the country.

“When in the history of Ghana has a first lady printed campaign T Shirts and become the major source of party materials in an election? To the extent that the wife of the president printing Mayafi with her image on it, does she have presidential ambitions, she should tell us.” Hamenya queried.

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Descending heavily on the brothers of John Mahama, the group alleged that during the NDC administration: “If you don’t see JM brothers, you cannot get a contract and if you see them, then you have to pay money before you get the contract, frustrating foreign contractors and companies by taking Ghanaian contractors for granted and creating enemies for our NDC party”.

The group which seems to be still bitter over the 44% the Party acquired, fingered out Kofi Adams, Stan Dogbe, Dr. Omane Boamah and others for redirecting funds and focus of the NDC campaign to a place of their own interest.

Outlining the wrong doings of Dr. Omane Boamah, the group bashed the Communications Minister for rather gallivanting across media platforms saying “Nana Akufo Addo can never become a president, when there were loads of issues for him to explain to Ghanains.”

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Gh One news has further reported that Kofi Adams has threatened a law suit against the group for implicating him whilst Dr. Omane Boamah and others mentioned by the group were unavailable to respond to the group’s claims.

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