Jessica Opare Saforo Narrates ‘Near-rape’ Experience To Illustrate Why Otiko Djaba’s Comments Are Asinine

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Host of GhOne’s Celebrity FanZone, Jessica Opare Saforo, over the weekend made an impassioned rebuttal of Otiko Djaba’s infamous comments about rape using her personal experience.

Jessica recounted to her panel a story from her childhood days when she was threatened with rape, even though she had no short skirt on at the time.

”This issue of rape I feel has been around for too long and we play with it a lot and this is a personal experience and this happened many many years ago, when I was in Madina, that’s where I grew up. I lived very close to a school and there used to be a lot of boys who would go and play football because there was a park in front of my house. I remember there was one day when I was walking pass a bunch of boys and they started catcalling and I didn’t respond and I remember one of them say in Twi [If you don’t respond we will rape you]. And trust me I was dressed like a Tomboy, in my jeans and all.” she said.

Jessica theorised that rape is about male domination and thus the rapist would attack their victim no matter what they are dressed in.

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”It comes back to male domination, if you don’t do what I say…then I can do x and y to violate your body.” she continued.

“So that’s unfortunate some of the realities we have to live with but hopefully with conversations like this we can begin to change perceptions and effect change because sometimes it is heart breaking and until it happens to a sister, cousin or someone close to you, you wouldn’t feel the gravity of it,”

Jessica’s comments come in the wake of comments passed by Gender Minister Otiko Djaba, who told a group of female students to desist from wearing short skirts as it could attract rapists to them.

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