A Plus Attacks Resigned Standards Authority Boss – He Took The Job To Build His ‘Personal Stomach Infrastructure’

Dr Addai-Mensah Otchere

Comedian/Musician and daytime political commentator, A Plus, has attacked the former Boss of the Ghana Standards Authority, Dr Addai-Mensah Otchere, for thinking only about his personal gain in deciding to take the job when offered by the President.

In an attack on Facebook, A Plus said Dr Addai-Mensah, who resigned after just a week in charge due to pressure from unhappy NPP activists, took the job because he wanted to build up his ‘personal stomach infrastructure’.

The resigned boss was a sharp critic of the NPP whilst in opposition, but got offered the job by the President, which he accepted. However, NPP members weren’t happy about his appointment and applied pressure on him until he resigned.

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A Plus, in his post, wondered why he disagreed with then candidate Akufo-Addo on almost any issue but miraculously agreed with him when he offered him a job.

Read his post below….

So Dr Adai Mensah why did you wait koraa for some parry people to mount pressure on you before you decided not to accept the position? You don’t respect yourself koraaa. Ah!!!

You disagreed with Nana Addo on almost everything. You openly talk against him, made statements to suggest he is divisive and vindictive on radio and TV. You made us feel he won’t be a good leader so no one should vote for him. Then you shamelessly accepted a position from the same bad leader? What does that make you? So the only time you ever agreed with Nana Addo on something was when he gave you a position? Why didn’t you disagree with him on that one too? Or because that’s about building your personal stomach infrastructure? Masa, why are you behaving like a parliamentarian? When its about their pockets they always agree.

Wo saa man wei wonfɛre whee!!! Wani mbu wo dwɛ barko sei. Bɔi….!!!!


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