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The Complete Guide To Becoming The Perfect Sidechick – In 14 Easy Steps

Part Three – Considering the Implications


1 Be safe when it comes to sexual matters. – Your partner is likely still having sexual relations with their significant other. They may or may not be using protection with their main partner. If you are having sexual relations with them, make sure to be safe. Use contraceptives that work best for you. Get tested immediately if you fear that your sexual health is at risk.

2 Anticipate getting caught. – Most cases of cheating get found out eventually. Don’t be surprised if your partner ends their relationship with you suddenly, or if you are contacted by their main partner. Go into the relationship knowing that you will eventually be found out, and it can’t last forever. Decide how you will react if you are caught.

3 Realize who you may be hurting. – It’s very unlikely that all parties will leave the situation without being hurt. You, your partner, and their significant other will probably be very hurt when the situation is revealed. Decide if you are willing to hurt yourself and other people. Understand that you may be playing a role in breaking up a relationship or family.

4 Consider the future. – Is this relationship a fling that is not meant to last long, or is it something that you want to maintain for as long as possible? It is important to stay in the present while with your partner, but at some point, you have to consider your future. Think about where you would like to see yourself in the next stage of your life. If it is not as a side chick, then it is best to end the relationship.

5 Get out if you’re not happy. – A secretive relationship will take an emotional toll on you eventually. Do not stay in the situation if you begin to feel unhappy. Your well-being comes first. Express to your partner that you are unhappy and would like a change. If they do not offer a solution, don’t stick around with the hope that things will improve.

So there you have it – 14 things you need to get straight if you’re going to be the perfect side chick. If you’re not ready, and not in the right frame of mind, then dawg it because it’s definitely not going to end well for anyone.

Source – WikiHow


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