Any Man Who Uses A Woman Who’s Not His Wife As His DP Is A Criminal – Counsellor George Lutterodt

Rev. Counselor Lutterodt

Ghana’s infinitely ridiculous counsellor, George Lutterodt, has revealed yet another bit of ridiculousness from his seemingly inexhaustible arsenal.

According to the ‘controversial’ counsellor, any man who uses the picture of a woman he’s not married to as his display pic on social media has to be arrested since he’s committing a crime.

He said ladies who find themselves in such situations should report the man to the police.

“Report such a man to the police and let them know he is using your image to perpetrate crime”, Lutterodt reportedly said.

Continuing his much documented attacks against poor men, Lutterodt added that any woman who allows a poor man to marry her will ‘die early and go to hell’.

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“Never allow a poor man to marry you. You will die early and go to hell. A man who cannot afford a square meal and a snack should not dream of marriage because he cannot fend for himself”

He added: “There are some of the men who have no rooms of their own who live in obey the wind chamber and hall. Any man who is of age but not reminded by his parents, such parents are witches and wizards. Never support a man to marry you. He must be fully responsible to cater for you and therefore must bear all the cost of the marriage.

“If you are also a woman beautiful and attractive yet no man proposes to you, buy a mirror, hang it in your room and weep”,


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