Absolute Meanness: The Typical Life of A Female Ghanaian Celebrity–Selly Galley in Focus

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Selly Galley

These girls will kill themselves out of pressure that does not bring them any money.

That’s Selly Galley–and what she wore to the 2017 VGMA.

Let’s assume it cost her 5000 GHS.

Ghana Movie Awards will come, she will spend another 5000 GHS.

4Syte Video Awards will come, she will spend yet another 5000 GHS.

Ovation Carol Night will come, she will spend another 5000 GHS.

RTP Awards will come, she will spend another 5000 GHS.

Some movie which she is not in and has nothing to do with it will premiere, she will spend another 5000 GHS to make an appearance…

Now, this girl does not get paid more than 1000 GHS a month–how is she affording these?

The reason why they do this is that they see the Hollywood stars doing it–not knowing that the Oscar Dela Rentas that Lupita wears are for free, in fact, she is paid to wear them–same as for almost all these Hollywood celebrities.

In Ghana, these girls are paying Anasimba, Pistis and others large money–just so they can claim on Instagram that they slayed, while living in compound houses and owing boutique owners.

And let me add that, they have to pay for photographers to follow them, so to capture their photos which they upload on social media for free…

The life of the so called Ghanaian Celebrity…

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