Abena Nny3 Writes for Absolute Meanness: As A Woman Princess Shyngle Makes Me Cry—She Better Be Good At Sucking D*cks

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Princess Shingle, I suppose the name is Curvy, Voluptuous, Terrifyingly small waist and skin as dark and smooth as Brazilian coffee. Her face though, not my favorite.

What does Princess Shingle do? Hmmm….honestly, I don’t know.

The internet gets flooded with half naked pictures of this lady pretty much every month, and for what? Fame I guess, people trying so hard to be famous that they become infamous. Showing off all her assets to the whole world so that….so that ….I dunno.

Some people laugh, some people pull out the vaseline and some people get mad when they see her photos. Well, I get sad. Her insane cry for attention can make Jesus weep.

She keeps promoting herself with semi-nudes yet she is barely cast in a movie, which gets me thinking, if that’s not working then why not try something else. Turns out, it’s actually working but in a different way.

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Perhaps, she is actually acting like an upcoming actress while promoting her genitals to the highest bidder. Even Moesha “dey talk say she be actress” so you can’t really blame her. Don’t get me wrong though, she landed a couple of roles in which she sounded both constipated and lost.

She can’t act to save her life, she’s worse than Bibi Bright – and God knows that if you’re worse that Bibi then you’re just fucked (anally).

Instead of focusing on improving upon her acting skills, she’s busy feeding her obsession of unrealistic images of beauty by putting herself through undeniable pain- wearing a corset, using slimming products and God knows what else. Pretty they say hurts but if you’re pretty (naturally) you don’t have to fake it.

I bet you being with Princess Shenanigan is like ordering Kwame Sefa Kayi and ending up with Elikem – preposterously poor, yet she’s still being promoted because Ghana celebrates mediocrity. The ratchet, raunchy and tasteless “celebrities” are the headliners.

Simply put, she sucks at acting, I don’t know how good she is at sucking dick (since the gossip says that’s the first job for some of them) but honestly, Princess we can’t take you seriously …we just can’t…


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