REVEALED With Bola Ray – An Indepth Look At What The Show’s First Episode Reveals About Itself

Bola Ray

How many cars does Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi own? How much does each cost? How many mansions does he own? What drives the man to be who he is?

These are all questions fans of the charismatic Togolese footballer must have asked themselves at one time or another. Those are questions any curious person must have asked themselves about at one time or another about their favourite celebrity – and now we could get the answers to all that, and more.

Bola Ray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network (EIB), continues to work on air despite moving into the most stressful management position in the company. Betraying his broadcasting roots, Bola continues to host the starship program, Starr Chat, of EIB’s starship station, Starr FM.

Bola’s love for the job is undeniable, and with REVEALED, he gets a new avenue to explore that love and to debut a show that caters to the public’s inordinate curiosity to know what goes on in the lives of the elite. The affable broadcaster combines his famed seamless ability to connect with any interviewee with a giddy love to show the world what possessions these larger than life figures have but also, what makes their lives worthwhile besides all the bling.

The new show, directed by Kofas Media’s Bill Asamoah, premiered Sunday night on GhOne Tv, with Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi the first test subject. Bola Ray and Adebayor delved into several aspects of the former Real Madrid star’s life, especially focusing on the insane number of flashy cars he owns.

The show REVEALED that Adebayor, who has played for some of the world’s biggest clubs including Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs and Real Madrid, and been earning six figures since forever; has an enviable fleet of cars. These include a Rolls Royce, a G-Wagon, a Bentley and many others.

Adebayor regales Bola Ray, and the viewers, with stories behind the acquisition of each car and his customisation works on each. For instance, he spent £55,000 getting a full body workout for the G-Wagon because he didn’t like how it looked when he bought it, and his Bentley has the ‘A’ logo on it instead of the iconic ‘B’, because he’s Emmanuel Frickin Adebayor.

REVEALED has more of such stories from the Togolese star, exposing a penchant to spend outrageous amounts of money on new cars and even more to refit them.

If the first part of the show glorifies, even to an extent defies, the extravagant tendencies of Adebayor, the second part showed off his more relatable, human side. Through his SEA foundation, Adebayor seeks to give back to the society that has given him so much and made him a multi-millionaire.  His country’s biggest export, Adebayor attracts crowds wherever he goes and is a concrete representation of how far anyone can go.

We meet Bola and Sheyi at a end of year game he organised for kids in the vicinity who are eager to impress the world famous star.

Adebayor watches the game from the sidelines with Bola, explaining his humanitarian philosophy to him. He cannot guarantee these kids they would one day play for the biggest clubs in the world like he once did, but he provides them with the evidence that with hard work and determination, one can achieve anything they set their minds to.

“At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than hope” Adebayor thoughtfully tells Bola.

The star has a house opposite the pitch, so he can watch these kids live their passion every single day, right from the comfort of his balcony.

Adebayor explains how stars like himself, Michael Essien, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’O and many others, have transformed how footballers are perceived in African society. It used to be that nobody wanted their child to be a footballer because they were seen as dirty, no-good truants – and it’s now completely the opposite.

REVEALED alternates between the outrageous and the sympathetic, but always remains captivating. Some would undoubtedly be troubled by the seeming glorification of materialism, but that comes with the territory of peeking under the curtain of the lives of the uber-rich. The Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates of this world probably have their own little vanity toys which we aren’t privy to.

REVEALED has one very message point at its centre which makes it a must-see television show, irrespective of how ostentatious its optics might look. There’s a lot to aspire to in this life, and no matter where you come from, there’s no limit to where you can get to. As Adebayor so succinctly put it, “At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than hope”

HOPE is what this show is all about.

REVEALED airs every Sunday night at 6:30pm on GhOne Tv.

Check out the promo video below…


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