Starbow Flight Breaks Into Intense Prayer As Plane Suffers Severe Turbulence (VIDEO)

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A group of passengers on a recent Starbow flight from Accra to Kumasi broke into prayer when the plane encountered bad weather which led to severe turbulence for over an hour.

With the passengers scared out of their minds, they broke into massive prayer which could be heard all over the plane.

One pastor on board narrated a bit of what happened to Ultimate Fm.

“Around 3:30pm we were asked on board. But in the middle of the journey we heard an announcement from the pilot that we were to brace ourselves and put our seat belts on because there were storms coming.

“Then all of a sudden the plane had a sharp descent then people became apprehensive. I shouted Jesus while others begun crying and screaming my family! My children!.”

“I started praying and shouting and taking control over the atmosphere but still the thing kept defending and people were screaming. At that time all of us knew we were coming to the ground but I still held on to the prayer. Others who were also Christians started praying. A woman held on to my waist and another person held on to my legs and we were all praying.

“It was a matter of life and death. I could see some of them had held unto the seat, some had bowed down their heads, others had brought their children under them, and some were covering their children. I saw some white guys who had also bowed down their heads. I saw another lady two seats away also praying in tongues and asking Lord help us Lord help us I join my faith with the pastor’s faith Lord help us.”

One passenger took video of what was going on during this scary time.

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Watch below…

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