Abeiku Santana Defends Ebony’s Risque Attires – ‘One Cannot Do Dancehall With A Stiff Demeanour’

Abeiku Santana has defended the raunchy side of dancehall singer Ebony under the defence that dancehall acts have to be exciting and not stiff.

Santana, part of the management team of the singer, was recently queried about the her penchant for risque dressing, posing half nude and seductive performances.

But Santana said being a dancehall singer, Ebony had an obligation as a dancehall artiste to be exciting, adding that she would mature with age and experience.

“I have never seen Ebony expose her nipple. If anyone sees her breasts showing they should take a photo of it and bring to me.” he said, defending accusations of her indecent dressing.

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“If you are to see anybody’s nipple, then that would mean the person is naked… It is not true that she dresses for her nipples to show,” he said.

“[One] cannot do dancehall with…a stiff, rigid demeanour” he continued, adding that: “There are some dancehall artistes who are good but their stagecraft is not the best. The music genre is like going to war … because it is not our culture we see it strange but with time she will mature,”


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