Absolute Meanness: Ghanaian Pastors Will Continue to F*ck And Sexually Abuse These Female Church Members–Because They Are Inherently STUPID

Mzbel’s story on GhanaCelebrities.Com

Ghanaian women will always be sexually molested or abused by these so called men of God–because most of them are inherently STUPID.

ICGC and the other churches are all the same, mostly with a leadership of men preying on desperate stupid girls, church members.
A confused failed man suddenly becomes a pastor, and he is revered with what he does not deserve.
Whatever he says literally becomes the truth–and these ladies wearing mini-skirts and African prints, claiming they go to modern churches become their daily prostitutes.
They should continue to chop all of you. The most pathetic thing is, on Sunday you will see them all trooping there and shouting in a language no one understands.
Some of you are a disgrace to reason!

I had a call from a member of the ICGC PR Team yesterday, and interestingly, it was a woman–calling to ask me to pull down the Josh Laryea story.
She also said I shouldn’t publish anymore–she begs.
And though she said the church is investigation the issue, she said the allegations are not true.
So I asked; how do you know the allegations are true when you just said the disciplinary committee is now investigating?
She said; Ermmm—because Josh cannot do that. REALLY?
These girls are gullible and stupid, the reason these so called men of God fuck their brains so easily and enter their pu$$ies cheaply…


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