Let’s Get Talking: Did Judas Iscariot Sin? And Would He Go to Heaven or Hell?

Christ on the Cross

Remember, God had already planned that Judas will betray Jesus Christ before he was even born–and by God’s might and power, Judas had no choice than to betray Jesus so the world would be saved, the reason why Jesus came down.

It will be therefore unfair for God to punish Judas for an act, which God himself destined him to commission–an act, that he really did not have control over and an act that saved the entire humanity.
If Judas had failed to betray Jesus, then the world wouldn’t have been saved–according to Christian theology.

And the coming of Christ to this earth would have been absolutely useless because he wouldn’t have been crucified and risen, as claimed by the Bible.
Just as God made someone a cripple so that his glory will be known without the person or his family having committed any sin, He also made Judas a bad person, so that the world will be saved.
Therefore, on judgement day, I will rise to Judas’ defend, against God and his angels–pointing to God the unfairness of his action and why Judas should enjoy celestial pardon.
And I know, Plato, Socrates, Einstein, Hitches and every reasonable man ever lived with be joining my defence counsel, against the seemingly absurdity of God’s logic.
What do you think?

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