CHRIS-VINCENT Writes On Joy Fm’s Newsfile’s Invisible Standard–After the Show Host Rejected Two NPP Panelists for Not Meeting Their Standard Today

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Social media is blazing with comments on Joy Fm’s decision to reject two NPP members as not meeting the standard to be on their flagship programme-News File.

The NPP says, “after sending Newsfile topics to us on Thursday, Joy Fm proposed Godfred Odame for the show. We later got back to them on Friday abt the inability of Mr Odame to appear on the show, and proposed Eric Twum, a member of the communications team. We opted for a communications team member bcos the topics were not technical or legal. The producer accepted Eric TWUM.

This morning (7:00 Saturday), the producer called again and pleaded if we could change Eric Twum, because his Bosses are not happy with him. Though we were hesitant initially, we accepted to change. We then decided to call Nana BOAKYE (Nana B, Deputy Executive Director of NSS) to go for the show, which the producer agreed.

Just when Nana B was abt to get there, the producer called again, saying, his Bosses want us to change him. So we shld call Nana B off. To tell us Nana B does not meet their standard is an insult. And we made them aware of that. They said they will proceed with no NPP rep, and we said ok, if Nana B can’t be accepted, then they can do what they like.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has added his voice to the social media conversation via Facebook, taking a stand against the action of Newsfile’s host-Samson Anyenini and the team.

He wrote:

“So I hear two NPP guys were not allowed to be on Joy Fm’s Newsfile, because the host, an LL.B lawyer and the production team claimed they are below standard.

That’s interesting–but before anyone can claim someone does not meet a particular standard, the standard must be well established, clear, for all to consider.

Now, considering the fact that Kwaku Baako without any higher academic qualification is permitted to be on the show all the time, we can all agree that, this so-called standard has nothing to do with education.

After all, the host-Samson Anyenini seems to just have a first degree–nothing much. Everyone I know has that these days.(***Note: Sampson’s LinkedIn says, he’s now pursuing a masters degree in Law…***)

Of course, I believe a worthy conversation must have a certain standard of people on there–the problem here is, what’s the news file standard? First degree or what? And what system is being used to check the standard–as this arbitrary rejection by the host and the team wouldn’t suffice as reasonable.

Some of the world’s best journalists including my icon, Christopher Hitchens who wrote for some of the biggest publications, didn’t even study journalism–and had a third class from university. Yet, he met the standards of BBC, CNN, and every media house in the world–he was well informed, naturally intelligent and had the hitchslap to back him.

Samson is a partner at a law firm in Ghana, which any qualifying lawyer in Ghana can become–by setting up a firm, it’s that easy if you have the money.

If the standard used was to do with level of knowledge; the other question is, how did they measure this? Was there an IQ test or what?

Ghana is an interesting country–and this brings me to a conversation I had with one of my Law School professors some months ago.

She asked: Vincent, why are you having two masters degree in Law?

I looked at her and smiled, saying, where I come from, it makes a lot of sense.

What I wanted to say to her was this; “for sh3gay reasons”–but she wouldn’t have understood the politics of it.

I obtained all my qualifications from England, some of the best schools (those I could afford)–so I guess my standard goes over the roof..huh?

Can we all know the so-called standard–the criteria and be the judge? If people do not know what the required standard is, how will they adhere to it?

Let me add my achieved “standards” right here so that people don’t say I do not meet the standard to comment on this issue…LOL

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
LL.B (Hons), University of East London
LL.M (International Human Rights Law), University of Leicester
LL.M in Legal Practice Course Student, Nottingham Law School
***Doctorate in Religion (Honoris Causa, LADC Institute, U.S.A )***
Founding Editor, GhanaCelebrities.Com, ScrewLife.Com and BrutallyUncensored.Com”


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