‘You Are A Cheap Prostitute, That Is Why Josh Laryea Molested You’ — Diamond Tells Mzbel


Singer and politician, Diamond Appiah says she has absolutely no sympathy for Mzbel for being ‘molested’ by ICGC pastor, Josh Laryea. According to her, Mzbel, whom she called prostitute,  got what she deserved because she went to the church to seduce the man of God.

“When cheap prostitutes go to church to seduce men of God, they get molested! When u go to the house of God with a clear conscience n a clean heart to worship God, I don’t think any man of God can make sexual advances on you unless u avail urself for that,” she said on her Facebook account.

She added that we should cut Josh Laryea some slack because he is also a human being with feelings.

She said: “So stop blaming the Man of God, blame the demonic promiscuous agents of darkness that go to church for other purposes. If u want a man, look elsewhere not the pastors at church. I dont believe a grown ass women can be molested by a pastor unless she allowed herself down that lane. Rev Josh laryea is human n his body ‘nobi firewood. oh ye prostitutes’ STOP FLIRTING WITH MEN OF GOD!! Allow them to do their work in peace.”


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