Chris Attoh Declines to Comment On Marriage Break Up in A New Interview–Says He’s Flying to the United States to Work On His Second Hollywood Movie

Chris and Damilola

A few weeks ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news that Chris Attoh and Damilola’s marriage has ended–as Attoh is said to have never been around, claiming to be working in the United States.

And interestingly, rumours said his working in the United States excuse is also unbacked by money–as the money is not forthcoming.

In a recent interview with Citi Fm, Chris Attoh seems to confirm that he’s indeed mostly in the United States, the reason cited as having caused his marriage break up.

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With regards his career, he said: “I’m flying off to the United States to film in a movie which will be my second Hollywood collaboration, for it’s important to put Ghana on the map. I think that when you become comfortable with becoming area champion you don’t go anywhere.”

And when asked about his marriage, he declined to comment–and just said: “Damilola is fine, our baby is also growing faster and faster.”

He also had this to say about relationships:

“Relationships are things that should be left to those who are in it. When you are outside a relationship you have a different view of it but those in it know better. But I will advise that before you get into the relationship you should take your time and know what you want and give it a shot. If it works, fine! If it doesn’t, you learn from your mistakes and you shine”


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