Dear GC Readers: My Friend’s Soon to Be Wife is Cheating On Him And I Have Photos Evidence—Should I Tell Him?

Cheating Versus Faithful

Dear GC Readers,

When they say the world is really a small place, it’s true. And whatever evil a person does surely comes out, even if they suddenly die.

My childhood friend is excited because he is about to marry his long-time girlfriend: a woman he has been with for almost 6 years.

My friend and his girlfriend, Aba, do not live together but they see each other almost every weekend and now that the wedding planning has started, they seem to be spending more and more time together.

But there’s a problem, which I am somewhat in the middle of.

A few days ago, I met an old school mate at the Accra Mall and after exchanging contacts, we decided to meet again that weekend for drinks just so we can catch up.

And then when we started talking, I mentioned that one of my friends will be getting married in a few months and because he’s a good friend, I am looking for about 4 pieces of nice shirts for him.

My old school mate who owns a men’s boutique at Kaneshie asked of his size and when I said I had no idea, he asked if I had a photo of him.

Quickly I pulled out my Samsung phone and showed him a photo: in this photo was myself, Aba and my friend. Immediately my mate saw the picture, he asked; Oh do you know Aba?

I said Yeah and I added, where do you know her from? He

He said she comes to her place a lot, that’s her flat mate’s side chick and for a while now, the flatmate has been dodging her as he’s tired of her.

I was shocked and asked whether he has any photos—he pulled his phone and showed me several photos of himself, his flatmate and Aba in the house, eating and in one, they even attended a funeral together.

In another of the photos, Aba was sitting on the flat mate’s lap, wearing what was obviously the guy’s shirt—a little bigger.

I told my mate this is the same woman my friend is about to get married to. He was shocked and said, REALLY?

He added that they know Aba has a boyfriend as they always tease her that one day her man will catch her and she will be found wanting.

She is a side chick, as his friend is married and his wife resides in Atlanta, United States, he said.

Now, I don’t know whether I should tell my friend or not. The wedding is just about 2 months away. And this is haunting me, each night.

I know my friend loves Aba and this may break him but knowing alone without doing anything makes me feel like a horrible friend.


A. Appiah/ Accra, Ghana


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