Woe Unto You If Armed Robbers Come to Your House At Night And You Call Ghana Police–Ghanaians Share Heartbreaking Stories About Ghana Police’s Appalling Response to Their Cry for Help

Ghana Police

From Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri’s Facebook

Apparently, a lecturer of the University of Ghana over the weekend was attacked by armed robbers–who beat the hell out of her, took about 2000 GHS, jewellery, and a friend’s car which was parked in her compound at Ashongman.

The sad part is, for 20 minutes that the armed robbers struggled to break into her room, she kept calling Ghana Police and no one answered.

A lot of people have said they’ve been in similar situations when they’ve called the known Police numbers without any response.

Are we serious as a country? Think about it–it can happen to you.

Imagine, an armed robber at your door at 2 am and calling every police number you know without any response.

Also, why can’t a single police number be FREE on all networks in Ghana–I mean an effective response centre number like we have in other countries?

About 3 months ago, my hardly serviced BMW for the first time broke down on the Motorway in the UK–the water pump had broken and a belt removed, the mechanic told me later on.

I called 999 and selected the police from the three options. I spoke to a lady who asked for my location. I gave her a rough sketch by looking at things around me and where I was heading.

Within 10 minutes, the police sent the Highway Officers there. This was around 6 in the morning. I was outside and it was cold and the 10 minutes was like 20 years of waiting for me–so imagine how that 20 minutes was for the woman, with armed robbers starring right at her.

Lack of social and security infrastructure like this is what makes it difficult for a lot of people who have tasted some outside to relocate to Ghana.

Mostly, I wonder what happens to people who suddenly fall sick at home in Ghana.

Out here, call the ambulance and within 5 minutes, it’s at your door.

We need to start looking at these things with the needed urgency in Ghana, especially the Police Response Units.

I don’t know how anyone feels safe in Ghana. Those barbed wires are not enough; knowing that someone will respond when you are in need is the highest form of security.

The 191 emergency police number in Ghana hardly gets answered.

This is not that complex, yet our political leaders do not care, perhaps because they have a tall list of security men protecting them and their families.

And don’t tell me you will be praying to God when armed robbers are breaking in…

What’s been your experience with Ghana Police Response numbers or the Ambulance or Fire Service in Ghana? Share with me.

Now, check below for some of the heartbreaking stories Ghanaians shared…



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