We’ve Not Had S*x For Two Years – Woman Fighting For Divorce Reveals In Court

A Nigerian housewife filing for divorce from her husband has revealed to the court that they have not had any s*x for the past two years.

Bilkisu Lawal, 30, said since October 2014, her husband has paid no attention to her s*xually, and he also has stopped taking care of the upkeep of their son together.

“Sometimes in October 2014, about six months after the birth of my son, my husband stopped having s*x with me and providing for the family.” Bilkisu told the court.

“On several occasions, I have asked what I did wrong, but he will not tell me; in December 2016, he sent me out of the house for no reason.

 “Since then, he never bothered to know where my son and I are staying; neither did he bring money for his son’s upkeep.

“I have been living with my parent and I cannot continue to live as a married woman when my husband does not see me as a wife,”

Her husband, for his part, said he was only having some financial difficulties and that he still loved his wife. The judge adjourned the case to April 28 for the two to either solve their issues or come back for a verdict.


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