We Haven’t Condemned Sarkodie’s Mother For Drinking Guinness And Why It Was News To Us

As much as we appreciate our GC readers and those of concern about our publication of the intended mild comic-irony we picked from Sarkodie’s mother spotted drinking Guinness, we will love to encourage some of our cherished readers who are just learning to read beyond headlines and excerpts to hasten the process as it will save all of us a bit of needless stress.

We hope you’ve read beyond the headline now.

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The detail of the publication sarcastically rested on challenging a paradigm shift from the saying “an apple does not fall far from its tree”, which we thought Sarkodie in this circumstance makes a good case study of the fact that a chip of an old block can be different from its hold. We even applauded Sarkodie for breaking a record in this sense adding to the number of records he holds.

Why Was It News?

How many times has Sarkodie posted about his Mum? If today he does and we spot a Guinness bottle in the picture and decide to take it to from that angle, how is it not news if it ended up informing you that Sarkodie posted the photo in line to wish his Mum a happy birthday?

Kylie Jenner can give a white cop a bottle of Pepsi and it’s news but it’s not new when your favourite celebrity’s mother who you rarely see is spotted enjoying a bottle of Guinness?

It’s easily understood that those who think taking alcohol is bad quickly assumed we are on the same footing.

Once again Happy Belated Birthday to Sarkodie’s Mum. We appreciate her for gifting Ghana with a such an iconic rapper.


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