I Haven’t Dated A Poor Man Before, From Kenpong I Met “My Monkii” – Amanda Acquah

Afriyie Acquah and ex-wife Amanda

Amanda Acquah, estranged wife of Black Stars midfielder, Afriyie Acquah has disclosed she hasn’t dated a poor man before. According to her, from meeting Kenpong at the age of 17 she later met her ex-husband who she affectionately calls her “Monki“.

Explaining why she calls Afriyie “Monkii”, she said it’s far from the mockery of his looks but a pet name they both agree on as Afriyie also calls her “Kusie“(Rat). She added “I even use to call Ken ‘Dzata’ (Lion) because he is very wild”. well recalls a scandal sometime back when an audio conversation was leaked, in which Amanda called her husband a “Monkey” over her preference for well endowed Jordan Ayew.

According to Mandy, that audio was about three years old before it was leaked by a desparate ex to Afriyie who was keen on breaking their marriage.   She indicated that she can’t then be accused of infidelity as she wasn’t married to Afriyie as at when she complimented Jordan Ayew in that audio, she told Nana Aba Anamoah.

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Speaking on Gh One TV’s Cheers Programme she also revealed she still loves Afriyie Acquah though they are now separated and all other girls should be aware Afriyie Acquah is hers.

We met on Skype, I just saw him standing there looking so tall, I was just looking at his six packs and his thighs and I was like Oh this guy! You are not going no where you are mine … all the girls should know he is still mine forever.” She said.

Accounting for the separation, the Business Woman said none of the scandals caused it as they were rather chilling amidst the scandals but their immaturity and less experience as youngins attributed to their fall apart, particularly in the case of Afriyie as he is so young and making more money with fame.

She said “We got married when I was 24 and he was like 22 so we are both young young, that separation is very much needed. We need more time to grow and understand marriage … we didn’t really understand the meaning of marriage, especially for him … because I was married traditionally to Kenpong“.

On the Sports Chat show which turned into a “Mandy Uncensored Talk Show” for about 20 minutes, Amanda stated that rich men really do come after her and Afriyie knows well the sacrifice she made to be with him though she has her problems with Afriyie before the scandals set in as there are problems in every marriage.

When I met him, he wasn’t up there, he was now coming up … it got to a time the money doubled, the fame and you know he is young, the fame gonna blow his mind. All the girls will be coming around … especially me I realize that every guy I go to, all the girls start following the guy” said Amanda.


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