I’ve Grown Pass Flooding Social Media With Photos And Gallivanting On Red Carpets – Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah

Stylish Legal Practioner, ‘original bikini killer’ and socialite, Sandra Ankobiah has been named to participate in this year’s Fortune U.S State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Program which comes off Monday, April 24 in the US.

Accounting for what fetched her this recognition to be part of such prestigious endeavour, she explained that her recent project of educating 1st-time voters across Ghana played a baiting role of getting the U.S embassy to spot her.

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The programme is a Mentorship Ordeal where prominent women leaders get to pass their experience to emerging young women leaders across the globe. Out of the 11 times the programme was run only two Ghanaian women were selected to participate in it. Thus, PPP’s Bridget Dzorgbenuku and Film Maker Julliet Asante.

It’s not something you can apply for, you are picked. US embassies all over the world, pick or nominate people from the various countries. So, I got call from the embassy…a couple of days later, I got an email from them,” she told Joy Fm’s MzGee.

Talking about her inactive presence on social media and how Ghanaians miss her as the official red carpet slayer, she hinted that her priorities have changed as there has been some growth in her life.

MyJoyOnline.com quoted her as saying “the focus has shifted a bit, I have been a bit too busy to be posting pictures or taking pictures. There’s been some growth…My priorities just gradually started shifting“.

Watch full interview below:


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