Tonto Dikeh Dishes Out Life Advice Derived From Her Experiences

Tonto Dikeh, whose marriage recently came crashing down like a Malaysian airlines flight, has some intense words of advice for all of us.

Some might say her own spectacular failure at marriage makes it quite dubious that she can give anyone advice, although others would counter that perhaps those experiences make her uniquely suited to give others advice to avoid her own mistakes.

Either way, Dikeh has a lot to say in this post, which she made on Instagram.

It’s obvious she’s processing a lot and wants to get some stuff off her chest.

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Here’s what she said…

I’m not sure who’s reading this but the meaning of our lives isn’t difficult.

Do good for others, spread love, look after the children(The less privileged) & give your life in service to GOD.. Here is where you will find hope, happiness, purpose & meaning. So many of us get caught up trying to make more money than sense. Trying to impress people who don’t care about us with stuff we don’t need, for reasons we don’t know…

I have spent the last few years of my life trying to do right for the children who need my time, our guidance, our resourcefulness & Help and found out that there is only so much material rubbish you can buy, there are only so many times you can go to the club, get drunk & have meaningless sex with people you don’t like/Or people who aren’t right for you,for reasons you can never tell.. As you mature spiritually Eventually you will realise that happiness is being a beautiful human being. Joy is being honest with yourself and your destiny.

The children healed/Touched me,I started smiling more.I started Living,Been appreciative and grew above my mistakes.. You are just like me, you need to be happy, you need to be loved, you need to feel a part of something deeper, not apart from yourself. We all need to reconnect with God the spirit . Well children are spirits, they are the last to come from the spirt realm.

They are messages from GOD, they radiate the true essence of life. They need you to educate them & to guide them, to guard them & show them that they are greater than money. Think about this, if you were a child again, would you look up to the current you? Well your future is looking at your current self through your memories, children are our future, make them proud.


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