Those Trolling Kumasi City Mall Are Inherently Stupid – Chris Vincent Makes A Case

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the Founding Editor of with series of certificates ranging from from education, all sitting on his home sense has made another solid case for Ghanaians whom he describes as people often with misplaced priorities.

Chris wonders why social media trolls should have more delight in trolling the opening of a mere mall in Kumasi whilst under their nose Ibrahim Mahama is robbing the State of millions in broad day light and yet that’s not a bother to them.

Chris pointed out the myopic thinking of Ghanaians with a post via Facebook.

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He wrote:

When I say 98 percent of Ghanaian social media users are unintelligent, uneducated and inherently stupid, some get upset.

You live in a country where one man with his brother as the president at the time can somehow manage to issue dozens of unpaid checks, one after the other to clear goods–robbing the state of millions.

Instead of trolling this man, his brother or even the president in a form of public pressure to ensure that what’s due the state is immediately retrieved–you are trolling some people from Kumasi for a new mall.

Until recently, did Accra have a mall? And that thing you call a mall that you can walk around it in 5 mins is not a mall by any modern standard–it’s like a Sunday market being organised in a cathedral.

We are never serious as a people; the things that get our attention confirm this.

People have heard about Kumasi mall trolling and I bet they have not heard about the Ibrahim Mahama scam.

Why didn’t you troll the Chinese ambassador for the Chinese galamsey activities in your country?

Troll with a purpose; else it’s a waste of time. Contemporary trollers on the web have learnt sense, using trolling to mount pressure or bring issues of importance to light.

Creating mere fun out of a country that’s a living satire itself is stupid.

Who said you can’t have fun and achieve a purpose at the same time?

Keep wasting your data trolling while the wise ones rob you under your nose.

A mall? People are going to Space and you people are excited or mall trolling?

Herh! Do you guys realize you are million light years behind the world in ideas, civilization, and even conversation? Do you know some people invented the whole f**king internet?

Common modern motorway; Ghana does not have one. Roads to all your houses are like 14th-century pig farms roads.

WTF is wrong with the Ghanaian?

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri


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