VIDEO: Those Ghanaians Laughing At This Woman And the Many Others Need Mental Evaluation

From Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri’s Facebook:

Someone tagged me in this video: and I asked myself, what’s funny about this?

This is an old woman, (even if she was young, my stand would be the same)–struggling to use an escalator and instead of people helping her or calling for the heads of authority at the Kumasi mall (the place where this is alleged to have taken place) for not having assistance readily available for this new technology usage, they are online laughing at them.

If you have never come across anything you do not know how to operate in life, then you are just living within your comfort zone–you have not travelled much or you are not opened to new ideas and things.

I slept in a hotel room in Denmark that I didn’t know how to turn the hot water on. Does that make me bush?

Despite having slept in the Radissons, Hiltons, the Marriotts and the others, I still couldn’t figure out how that particular tap worked and I had to call the reception for assistance.

Last year, I met a Ghanaian, well educated (we later exchanged business cards and on his card, he was a top man at the Land Commission in Accra) at Schiphol Airport. And he didn’t know how to order Mcdonald’s using the self-service machine and payment system.

He called me and asked that I assist him–which I did. Does that make him bush or stupid?

How many times do any of you take a lift or an escalator in Ghana? If not the mall or the airport, where else do you people see an escalator?

We can actually count the number of escalators in Ghana–and yet, an old woman who cannot ride one has become the joke in the hood.

It’s pathetic how those who have not seen much, make fun of their own.

How many of you on here can use the common Self Service at Tesco or Walmart? How many of you have touched a common Boeing before?

How many of you can use common Apple or Andriod Pay? Do you even know what it’s? How many of you have seen a common 3D movie before? How many of you have been on a subway before?

When my wife visited the UK last year, she did not know how to cast movies from my iMac to the television in the bedroom. She asked and I showed her–does that make her a bush woman? How will she reasonably know how to use this when she has not been taught or when she has not used one before?

And let me add that, I am not an Ashanti–I find this whole thing nonsense.

Check out the video below…


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